Friday, January 11, 2013

The Editing Blues

I have a problem.

I am impatient writer.

Awesome. The first step to recovery is admission, right? I'm sure that am not the only one to suffer from this affliction. When I finish writing something, I expect it to be perfect and ready to send out to agents. However, this is definitely not the case.

It's really no surprise that I dislike editing. I completely understand and acknowledge its merits...because none of us are perfect, therefore we have to edit our work to allow it to reach its potential. But that doesn't mean I enjoy doing it. We work so hard to finish something and then have to go back and nitpick at it? No, thank you.

A couple of months ago, I finished a novel. I began it with such vigor and excitement, but by the end, I was just happy it was over. I am still proud of it, but I know that it needs a ton of work. I took a little break (2 weeks) and returned to it in hopes of editing. Sadly, the only thing I felt toward my book was nausea. I couldn't bring myself to critically analyze it, because I was a little sick of it. The great romance of the plot was awkward and I didn't really like my main character. Not good.

So I did what any impatient writer would do. I moved on.

I had resigned it to the "Shelf," and began another book, until a few days ago, when I began to think of the first one. Maybe I should give it another try. After all, this was actually completed. Since then, I've been working on editing the first chapter, and to be completely honest, it's quite refreshing. I don't think I'll ever enjoy editing, but I think I'll be able to whether it. Wish me luck!

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