Friday, January 11, 2013

The Editing Blues

I have a problem.

I am impatient writer.

Awesome. The first step to recovery is admission, right? I'm sure that am not the only one to suffer from this affliction. When I finish writing something, I expect it to be perfect and ready to send out to agents. However, this is definitely not the case.

It's really no surprise that I dislike editing. I completely understand and acknowledge its merits...because none of us are perfect, therefore we have to edit our work to allow it to reach its potential. But that doesn't mean I enjoy doing it. We work so hard to finish something and then have to go back and nitpick at it? No, thank you.

A couple of months ago, I finished a novel. I began it with such vigor and excitement, but by the end, I was just happy it was over. I am still proud of it, but I know that it needs a ton of work. I took a little break (2 weeks) and returned to it in hopes of editing. Sadly, the only thing I felt toward my book was nausea. I couldn't bring myself to critically analyze it, because I was a little sick of it. The great romance of the plot was awkward and I didn't really like my main character. Not good.

So I did what any impatient writer would do. I moved on.

I had resigned it to the "Shelf," and began another book, until a few days ago, when I began to think of the first one. Maybe I should give it another try. After all, this was actually completed. Since then, I've been working on editing the first chapter, and to be completely honest, it's quite refreshing. I don't think I'll ever enjoy editing, but I think I'll be able to whether it. Wish me luck!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lost in Austen

Like any good reader and lover of literature, one of my favorite books is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. And like any woman, I often find myself wondering why I don't have a Mr. Darcy in my life, writing me passionate letters and coming to call. But fear not, fellow lovers of Darcy, for there exists a movie that will satisfy your deepest whims. It's called Lost in Austen. 

I know-- Great title.

I became aware of this gem last year when one of my friends took a Jane Austen literature class. I began to watch the first episode, but became quickly disenchanted and continued no further. Until today, by pure chance I remembered this movie and found it online. 

I suppose I should be embarrassed, but I loved every single minute of it. It was stupid, very stupid, but entertaining as hell. Not to mention hilarious. I don't even remember the number of times I laughed out loud.

So if you're ready for a Austen treat that is essentially a modern woman's dream, enjoy Lost in Austen